Nick's Beef Jerky - small community success story

14th October 2014

Steven and Lisa Nickel made the move from Penrith to Lockhart after visiting the 2012 Country & Regional Living Expo.

Steven and Lisa were living in Penrith when their son Jaxon was born February 2012. He was a very sick child and they nearly lost him. After he was born Steven decided that his job was too demanding of him, working for a Blind company, and returning to work again would not be an option while his infant son was so very very sick. He resigned his job to be with Jaxon for his life threatening illness. They attended the Expo in Sydney in 2012 expo and met Ursulla Jones, the EDO of Lockhart. Ursulla must have made an impression because shortly after they moved with Jaxon (now 2 years) and Janita (9 years) to Lockhart.

The Nickels love it! The kids have freedom to go to the dam to look for yabbies, ride their bikes, have freedom to go to friend’s places without the worry. At Penrith, the kids you had to go strait home and immediately lock the door.

They started the business ‘Nicks Beef Jerky’ in Lockhart. They called it ‘Nick’ as that was his nickname The business is going so well they can’t keep up with demand; it gets to the shops and sells out really quickly. They are working hard but they love it! Although Lisa did say she misses late night shopping every night but it is a small price to pay.

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