Meet the Ashcroft's

28th October 2014

Steve and Jodie Ashcroft talk of the misconceptions people have about moving to a country town


I was stunned how easy it was to find work in Temora. I put my C V around town and bang! I had a great position in business administration. I’ve turned down six other positions in Temora! This exploded the first big misconception we were under.

Health care:

You hear of poor health care in the country, but we actually found the care in Temora to be a much higher standard than we were accustomed to in the city! No waiting at the Hospital, can you believe that? I can walk straight in and be looked after. Another myth put away!

Cost of living:

When we moved we rented a big farmhouse for next to nothing. This gave us the chance to have a good look at what was available. Housing is so affordable. We can buy a country estate for the price of a house in Campbelltown!

Lifestyle; nothing to do?:

Our boys enjoy a wholesome country life. They have motorbikes, ride horses, catch yabbies and enjoy bonfire nights with our new friends and neighbours. Temora provides a safe environment where people look out for each other. Steve and I tell everyone moving to Temora is the best thing we have ever done. It’s where we live the dream!

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