Narrandera Shire Relocators

19th February 2015

The people of the Narrandera Shire have excelled in extending the welcome mat to potential country changers, with four new relocators choosing to make Narrandera home as a direct result of Narrandera’s representation at the Country NSW Expo held in Sydney from 2 – 3 August 2014.

With the combined unflagging work and resources of two Narrandera Shire Council staff and members of the Narrandera Ray White Real Estate team, the Narrandera stand enjoyed an unprecedented number of visitors.

Agri-Australis provided Ferrero Rocher products and Barbara Batholomew and Graeme Eipper supplied beautiful locally grown produce for display. When combined with eye-catching colour images of some of Narrandera’s great natural attractions, the display proved a strong drawcard to those exploring the Expo.

As a direct result of Narrandera’s presence at the Expo and Ray White Real Estate pre-expo advertising, Narrandera has gained two new families to welcome into the town, two homes have been purchased, one job vacancy taken up, and in addition, one investor explored investment possibilities in the village of Grong Grong.

Narrandera’s population of around 4,800 is served by quality medical facilities, schools, boutique and service shops, and community organisations. For an absolute step back through time, the villages of Barellan, Binya and Grong Grong all nest within the Narrandera Shire and offer an additional level of quiet tranquillity. 

In the Narrandera Shire, we believe the only thing stopping our country changers from making the switch is that they have not yet had the chance to see this beautiful shire and to meet its wonderful people. We are delighted to have enticed four new people and an investor ‘home’ to Narrandera Shire, and we can’t wait to welcome many more.

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