Councils speak out - Nambucca

1st September 2014

For something a little different, the council exhibitors at the CountryNSW Expo speak out about their own success stories.

Wayne Lowe, Manager of Business Development, Nambucca Shire Council

One week after the Expo, we sold a rural block worth $180,000 to a family and they are proposing to build a house worth $350,000. I had 43 genuine leads, which is the most I have ever had and just highlights the increased quality of the people attending the Expo.

We are currently negotiating with another business to relocate from Sydney, another Expo lead that for a community such as Nambucca is a huge boost to the economy.

If councils use tweets and websites as the main point of enquiry to encourage people to relocate to their area they are set for disappointment. Not only can you not track your leads and follow up, but also you have no idea if people are genuinely interested.

The money spent attending the Expo is still the most effective way to face-to-face market to a target market in Sydney. For example one advertisement in the financial review is $2,500 with no enquiries following.

Our success is due to marketing consistence, Nambucca has participated consistently for the last 8 years and we get leads and results every time.

I would recommend the continuation of this event as my experience shows me it is the most effective way to find leads for businesses and relocator’s and to showcase the Nambucca Shire.

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