Councils speak out - Temora

1st September 2014

For something a little different, the council exhibitors at the CountryNSW Expo speak out about their own success stories.

Andrew Robbins, Manager Community & Commercial Strategy, Temora

CountryNSW Expo 2014

This is a big effort for a little Council and for those who come for the weekend. There is a lot of preparation weeks ahead finalizing new props and visuals. This was our 10th year. This year we sent 4 staff, 4 previous "movers" to Temora, and 5 business reps 13 in total.

The crowds were about the same as 2013, but keener overall to move. The difference this year was the intensity of the prospective movers. We averaged about 3 families engaging with us across the 2 days with peaks of 8 families up to a total 24-26 people on the stand and surrounds. The week after the event our companion real estate firm had several visitors and sold a house, a  5 acre block.

Ray White writes "Ray White Temora had a very successful weekend at the Country Change Expo. We met a lot of great people actively looking to get out of the city. We had a diverse range of inquiries from young couples to families and retirees. From the weekend we have acquired around 150 new contacts and we have already had around 6 groups come to Temora to view properties as they did not want to wait until the Gala weekend on August 23rd.

We are receiving consistent inquiry from Sydney and out of town people and expect the Gala weekend will be very active.

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