Success at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

22nd April 2015 was the focus for the display at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, with links to all 112 council areas in NSW. Estimates have 800,000 people came through the show gates, which gave us an opportunity to discuss with the Sydney residents about the benefits of living, working and investing in the country.


Families visit our stand

We achieved our objective of branding the website as a research tool for people who may begi the journey of relocating away from Sydney.

“There was a huge interest of people looking for an alternative to living in Sydney”, CEO Peter Bailey explained. “A significant number of young people, especially those who were professional or skilled, who were coming to us for information on the cost of real estate and a better lifestyle for their young family as major reasons to make the move.”

The ignorance of what is on offer for Sydney residents is still a huge challenge. The Sydneysiders who had spent their whole lives in Sydney and spent their holidays either on the coast or overseas didn’t realise the opportunities that living in the country could present, as they had never heard of most communities and certainly had never visited them.

The communities most on the radar for Sydney residents were within 3 hours of Sydney, with Orange, Port Macquarie and Goulburn being recognised.  Other communities discussed were those places that people already have a connection to -either with family living there, having attended university or living there in the past.

Mr Bailey recognised while we have had an increase of interest in young families looking for the move, there is still a need to continue to build awareness of the opportunities in the country. “It was great to see a more diverse awareness of communities not just the larger regional cities. We had people who were interested in Brewarrina, Bourke and even in the Unincorporated area in the Far West!”

A great start to building the awareness of what is out there for Sydney residents is to head to, which is the starting point the team at the Easter Show were pointing to for initial information on anywhere in NSW by region or council area. Understandably, finding jobs is the first question to anyone considering moving and the website has a jobs listing for every community and helpful articles on how to find a job in the country.

“Busting the myths of living in the country has been one of the most fulfilling parts of being here, hearing that ‘ah… really?’ from the attendees as they realise what they have been missing was interesting to witness.”