Sydney housing crisis! A country opportunity!

17th June 2014

Sydney housing affordability has reached crisis mode and it is now doubtful if any Government, State or Federal can alleviate the pain of families unable to get into the cities Real Estate Market.

The Australian goal of raising a family in the suburbs of Sydney seems to be increasingly a dream; Governments are talking urban infill and Sydneysiders are facing increasing commuting time as the urban sprawl continues to build.

“With housing prices in Sydney at a point where young families are already struggling to get into the housing market, the situation will only get worse when interest rates rise in the next year,” said Peter Bailey, CEO of the Foundation for Regional Development.

“The best alternative for families is to consider a tree or Sea change and move to country, coastal and regional NSW.” With State Government incentives on offer for relocations, incentives for skilled relocations, incentives for first homebuyers and stamp duty concessions, there never has been a better time to GO West, South or North in countryNSW.

A comparison of selected country communities highlights the staggering difference compared to series of Metropolitan suburbs, The following information has been prepared by The Foundation for Regional Development Ltd., from data sourced from*

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